About Chambers Tax & Wealth

Rohan Myburgh and Lionel Walker started Chambers Tax & Wealth in the spring of 2011. After working together as partners from 2005 onwards, the decision was an easy one, as they shared the same values about life. The road to that point was industrious and very hard working, with valuable lessons about making good business decisions and learning that a one’s biggest asset in this world, is being seen as a good and well respected man in all walks of life. It was because of this, that they decided to live by a business motto of “Wisdom, Integrity, Balance”

Trust is what we are about, trust is not a given, it is earned. Chambers Tax & Wealth aims to gain your trust in all that we offer to you - our valued clients.

Our clients are partners in our company; they are individuals with unique and confidential needs. We honour this commitment and strive towards a relationship of trust, confidence and service delivery.

Chambers Tax & Wealth is a “One stop Financial Advisory Service’’, offering total tax & wealth solutions in all financial sectors.

We are based in Bloemfontein and serve our clients Nationally and Internationally.

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